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You’ve found me!


Hi, I’m Shirley Wells, Hypnotherapist

Helping You Help Yourself


Stop Smoking
Lose Weight
Virtual Gastric Band

Change Unwanted Habits
Feel Better
Reduce Anxiety and Stress
Change the Fear Factor


What is Hypnosis?

First and foremost.
You are in control!
Hypnosis taps into your subconscious, you will only do what you want to do!
Together, we discuss the issues, we explore the goals or desired outcomes and then, with mutual consent, we use various options and forms of relaxation to achieve those results.

About Me

I am passionate about helping people. I’ve been doing it for years in various forms, as a registered nurse, as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, working with ACC, sales and marketing, a consultant for natural hormone replacement, and there’s more. It always surprises me, the different directions a simple turn in the path of our life journey can take us.
I am getting huge satisfaction in seeing the changes people are making in their lives with a little guided help from me.

Helping you to help yourself fantastic!

How many? How Much?

I am 100% committed to helping you make those changes.
The results are 100% related to your motivation and commitment to achieving them. It’s not a magic bullet, there is input required from both parties but some of the results are magic indeed!
We are all individuals. Depending on the issue, some may be resolved quickly, others need a little more time and effort. The initial session is usually around one hour and costs $150, and that may be all that’s required. Subsequent sessions, if required, are $125.  Call Me for a no-obligation chat and we’ll take it from there.



“I am a client of Shirley Wells Hypnotherapist , Shirley is professional, trustworthy and honours confidentiality. I would recommend her as a hypnotherapist as she has helped me and an alternative to drugs, towards wholeness and wellness “


“Working with Shirley on my feelings of anxiety and over thinking was one of the best things I could have done. Shirley is easy to talk with and she made me feel at ease immediately. I am a bit of a doubting Thomas and was not expecting hypnotherapy to work as well as it did for me.

Thanks so much!! This changed my life.”


“It was so wonderful to meet you yesterday and also very ‘profound’…if that is the right word to use…I am finding it difficult to describe my feelings apart from being ‘calmer’ in one sense. What a relief, thank you. “


“Thought I’d let you know that I went out fishing the other day. And it was quite rough and for the first time EVER I didn’t get sick! Not even the smallest amount… and boats are the thing that triggers my sickness the most every time I go on them!


“It’s been an interesting time this past few weeks as I stop and look for my new range of breath and wholeness and find it is still there which is awesome. I guess I am a little scared of the rebound effect but hopefully, that won’t happen. I guess it is up to me now to keep remaining whole


“So of course you were right. It almost makes me cry to think it should be this easy but I guess I needed to be ready.


“I wanted to stop biting my nails, something I had done all of my life but couldn’t break the habit of. I have tried everything so went Shirley suggested hypnotherapy I was sceptical, to say the least.

However, it’s now 6 months later and today I had my first manicure with nail polish. My nails look great and I hadn’t had the urge to bite them once since my session with Shirley last October. The session felt very easy and Shirley very professional and great at putting me at ease. Even when I left her house I didn’t really believe that I wasn’t going to bite my nails any more. The truth is though that I haven’t because I simply haven’t wanted too. It’s great and I’ve achieved something that I really didn’t think possible. Shirley was amazing and I would definitely recommend her.”


“Try Shirley. You will like her. She’s empathetic, caring, positive and seriously skilled. Allow her to work her “magic” on you. I found my sessions with her to be so restful and relaxing, yet I came away invigorated and decisive about what I needed to do. After struggling for years now with weight gain, I have shed 6kgs without feeling hungry and wanting to empty the biscuit tin. I’m eating very well and healthily, and not yearning for the sweet treats that were my downfall.  She’s a skilled operator. “


her body just needed to catch up with her brain then eventually her body will figure out what is happening and do the right thing maybe after 45 days of sitting and not tryingThat was 2wks ago and she hasn’t had any issues at all! She was absolutely blown away on the first day of Not TryingI just thought that was maybe a lucky start and so didn’t get too excited and reassured her to keep with our plan to practice and Not Try just to be sure her body wasn’t tricking her again. After a week it was clear that this was no trick and she then told me that she was comfortable dealing with the issue at school “


I really can’t thank you enough. I guess you were the right person and the right time for us all “


Awsum!!!! I havent eaten any portion sizes cut in half..sticking to 3 small meals per day.and Im currently at the Gym .its been amazing!!!!!! THANK YOU heeeeepz


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